Active Enzyme Solutions for Chemical Free Cleaning

Active Enzyme Solutions for Chemical Free Cleaning

Chemical-Free Cleaning

Natura Solutions utilizes plant based enzymes, and natural surfactants to create effective, environmentally friendly alternatives. No chemicals needed. 

Who We Are

We are a BC owned and operated company with a wealth of experience in the medical and enzymatic fields. Registered with both Health Canada and the FDA, we pride ourselves on our proven, chemical-free cleaning solutions that meet the U.S. EPA Safer Choice standards. Founded in 2018 by two friends with a shared vision for sustainable alternatives. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to make medical-grade, enzymatic cleaning products easily accessible to the consumer market. They are broadly used in hospitals all over North America, and we want you to be able to use them too. 

Why Choose Us

Our specially formulated enzymatic solutions are extremely effective at breaking down organic stains, odours and residues.

All of our solutions are entirely chemical free, biodegradable and non-toxic.

Enzymatic Cleaning Is the
Natural Choice

It has never been easier to clean your home, or belongings in an entirely non-toxic manner. Our PH-neutral solutions are a safer choice for your yourself, your loved ones and our environment.

Give our chemical-free cleaning products a try!








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